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Main line comes round from the ’hidden Junction’ where the S&D line and the Midland line from Bath Junction join and come in on the top right and splits into 6 through roads.

1 through road to access the LH fiddle yard roads rest for 3 expresses, a 7 coach pigeon special and an 18 van special.

Sidings 15 to 20 were 1 for 3 locos, remainder for 3 and 4 coach locals/semi fasts, 2 coach Bristol shuttle, WR rail car, Writhlington Colliery trip working of Jinty and mineral wagons

Main line and through roads all re group at the left at another double slip which leads through to the 2nd part of the fiddle yard on the left fanning out into 7 more sidings. The points for the left fiddle yard are operated on the one button push system.

5 roads for:  S&D line freight

                        Midsomer Norton mineral trains both fulls & empties

                        Midland line freight – Westerleigh trip workings, Gloucester, Birmingham

                        3 and 4 coach locals/semi fasts

3 roads for loco storage  

1 road leads to TT with 10 radiating loco roads.

For the most part I use road 3 on the left as the reception road and drive trains right through the complex to this road. The correct loco for the stocks next move in the timetable is brought onto the rear and then the whole lot driven into its appropriate storage road ready for its next timetabled trip.


On the right, roads 17, 18 & 19 are now over double the length and each capable of holding a 7 coach express + loco OR an 18/20 wagon freight + loco.

The 3 new roads 21, 22 & 23 will be

roads 21 & 22 for 4 locos each

and 23 for 3 and 4 coach locals/semi fasts.

Just wating for some more section switches with yellow caps to arrive and then a little tidying up of the control board.

The old main line through the central 6 through roads has been converted to one of the express storage roads and the main line is now the lower of the 6.

Hope this all makes sense!


Posted 04/05/2021 by keithspenceuk in Model Railway Club

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