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The new layout is nearing completion after 10 years work, incorporating both continuous and station to station running. It features “fine scale” track with handbuilt pointwork which still allows running of most proprietary models.
Now only the lower station MPD tracks require a little more work with a covering of ash and grime.

Seven control panels have been installed at various positions to drive the trains around the whole layout. Two of these have track circuit LED’s to show how the turnouts are set. The layout requires seven members to run track night schedules which take about one and half hours to complete.
These allow main line 5 coach express trains to travel from the lower station to the upper station after circling around the main line and visa versa. The schedule also includes local passenger, freight and milk trains. The local passenger trains can travel onward to the branch line station and the freight trains can shunt in the various yards. One of the four yards has been dedicated to a past member Len Sherrard, by calling the warehouse area after his name. Engines can be turned on the upper or lower turntables and housed in the many sheds.

The track nights occur about once a month and are themed, so that we cover all steam and diesel regions and time periods. Other nights are used as maintenance and work nights.
For the future, we may fit LED track circuits to the remaining control panels and some lights to the stations, signal boxes and yards. Signals are currently non working but could be made to operate electrically.

Below are some photographs of the layout on a running evening in April 2008.
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