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Problem on our O gauge layout   Leave a comment

Whilst testing my Q1 & my 4 wheel coaches on the O gauge layout and Bob tried one

of his many locos, it was noticed that there was a problem with one of the points not operating

as it should. Investigations were instigated by Bob and it turned out that one of the point motors

was not changing the polarity via the attached micro switch. It was decided to try and get a new

motor. I got home straight on to Face book and launched an appeal for the type of motor required

on one of the model railway groups I am involved with and a chap named Robin McHugh offered

the club 3 of the desired point motors. The afore mentioned motors turned up on Thursday, and

Bob was duly informed.

Friday evening and work started on the replacing of the point motor. Bob sat under the layout while

I assisted by passing him what ever was needed to get the new motor fitted and working and when

fitted pulling the correct lever whilst Bob observed the motor operating. After a short while Bob

declared the motor fit for purpose, so a quick test with a loco was in order.

The loco crossed one point and stopped, Bob found the frog was not changing polarity so back under

the layout he went and glued a piece of plastic to the micro switch and re tested the crossover and

it worked. So the layout is now ready to run come next track night.


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Northolt at Kew Exhibition   Leave a comment

A great time at the show displaying Never Do It in O gauge. As you can see it included my new 2 coach Hampshire unit having its first outing. The layout worked better than the operators running it and I think well received by all who saw it.

Many questions were asked by those viewing and hopefully answered to their satisfaction.

The bus and cop cars on the bridge are perhaps a bit of overkill for a fare dodger.


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May Sunday 15th   Leave a comment

We should have managed a few more pictures.

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Plan of Bath Green Park   1 comment

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Live Steam Birthday Party   Leave a comment

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Bath Green Park March video.   Leave a comment

Trust this finds you well. Its taken me a lot longer this time to film and produce what should have been the January video what with 2 new eyes! A double cataracts operation 10 days ago and doing well.

The railway has benefitted from some new additions in the form of another 3F loco to bolster the loose coupled frights coming from Gloucester and Birmingham that were the life blood of the S&D. Dapol are now producing a Mk1 carriage and great to have a major manufacturer now producing first rate rolling stock on 0 gauge.

Well here is the March video. Sit back, turn up the volume and ENJOY.


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New For Sale Section   1 comment

We have added a for sale area in the website for club members to advertise surplus items. Alan has listed his huge oo gauge layout and stock.

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A bit more on the Lima mk1 coaches converted to a 2H Hampshire unit.   1 comment

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2 Lima mk1 coaches converted to a 2H Hampshire unit.   1 comment

This is a project using 2 Lima mk1 coaches and converting them to resemble a 2H

or Hampshire unit. The work involved removing all end detail from 1 end of each coach.

and marking the positions for the windows. Next I cut out the windows and filed them square.

The roof detail is made up from bits and pieces laying around.

There is more to do and I am happy the way it has turned out so far.

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LSWR 4 Wheel Coach Set Completed   2 comments

S R 4 Wheel Brake 3rd
S R 4 Wheel First
S R 4 Wheel Second

Posted 15/02/2022 by keithspenceuk in Model Railway Club

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