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Green Park Train Shed Update2   Leave a comment

Yesterday and today amongst other things finished making the Trussing with Ogee guttering attached that fits along the outside of the side bowstrings on platform 2

About 3’ of it. A bit repetitive! I did the same (without the Ogee guttering) earlier in the week to fit along the top of the wall backing Platform 1 and to which the side bowstrings fit

Regarding disguising the track that crosses the platforms. A single colour is always going to stand out so needs camouflage and I thought about the old train shed picture that has held sway for the last 15 years. Photo copied the centre sections in B&W, darkened them right down and here is the result as fitted to the right hand side. I’ll fit the rest and leave it up for the moment. The other idea is a picture of the station building again in B&W and darkened right down. I’ve only attached it with Prit Stick so easy enough to remove. Once I’ve got far enough to cut out the roof sections and temporarily fit them it will become obvious what is right.

I have the final 5 side bowstrings to make now but waiting on more Plastruct to arrive next week so over the weekend I have those small adjustments to make to the bowstring that is fitted to the station building. Once I have adjusted the width between these two pillars so that it matches all the others I’m then ready to fit this and glue in the pillars on Platform 1 

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Green Park Train Shed Update   Leave a comment

Everyday a lot of detailed work goes on.

I’ve now finished the back wall behind platform 1 and today I glued it in place on the platform. I’ve glued some of the side bowstrings to their pillars. Before I do all the others down Platform 1 I have an adjustment to make to the station building backscene. As mentioned previously I glued the first bow string to this backscene. Measured it all out but somehow the pillars sit 15mm further apart than the others so before this backscene is fixed in place I’ve have to adjust this. Don’t think this will be an issue and those pillars have to be in line.

Once this is done I’ll then glue all the pillars down that far side on P1. Having got those upright and straight I can then glue the pillars in on P2. So the next few days going to be fairly critical.

One of the other jobs started today is painting that front bowstring – the one mounted on Perspex. I started with painting the pillar bases brown. Used masking tape for a clean crisp finish and to test how I’m going to paint this front bow string.

Not great. Paint leaching up under the masking tape – see picture. I used green decorators masking tape! All the others I did free hand and are ok ……… but don’t see myself painting all the beams etc on the front screen free hand. Envisage paint everywhere!

I’ve now got 36 pillars placed. Low down shots on the GoPro really beginning to look good

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Alan W’s O Gauge Wagon Building for new layout 7   Leave a comment

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Big Boy Smokebox   1 comment

Machining does not give a sense of the size especially with such a big lathe. 31/12/2020.

From Alan

a few words about the turning of the smoke box as in the pictures it doesn’t

look as big as it really is. When I made the cage to go inside of it I was surprised

that I was quite accurate with my dimensions.

When it came to turning the sides, at a 3 degree angle, it was all done on the top slide.

It was very time consuming with the rough cuts every 5 inches 10 -15 minutes times 4.

Then twice more to clean up the casting.

Finally 4 x finishing cuts of the sides which took 40 minutes for each 5 inches.

This equates to a lot of very slow handle turning as this was all done 

at 55 rpm.

 Bearing in mind it’s 20inches long and 13 inches in diameter and weighs 150 plus pounds. it’s a lot easer to move with a fork lift.

And still lots more to do.

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A video of Micheals test train   Leave a comment

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O Gauge Figures for Alans New Layout 6   Leave a comment

The latest figure to join the group. This fella will sit outside the pub on layout Never Doit, socially distanced from his partner on the other bench. Hand painted with hairy stick.

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Big Boy Tender Base and Sideplate Replacement.   Leave a comment

Not being happy with the finish Alan decided to redo them.

To give a better finish the sideplates are being increased from 1 to one and a half mm thick. This allows for a reduction in the number of baffles to allow easier fitting of a high pressure pump.

Visit to Swindon with a Special Train   Leave a comment

September 2020

Deisel Electric class 37 test train and others.

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Live Steams Signal Box   Leave a comment

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Latest from Bath Green Park   Leave a comment

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