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LSWR 4 Wheel Coach Under Construction2   Leave a comment

A couple of pics of the 4 wheel coach and the progress made

Just waiting for the buffers.

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Bath Green Park new Loco   Leave a comment

53802 puts in sterling service.
The battery capacity is really good and a full charge lasts for several sessions before a re charge is needed.
The sound is really impressive and Steve @ Fosworks set up the sound sync perfectly.
Very, very happy with this latest addition to the stud

We see 53802 coming in cautiously off the S&D direct into the Midland Bridge yard reception/shunting line with a full load.
It went out an hour ago with empties and is returning from Norton Hill colliery with fulls that will be tripped on to Portishead power station.

The picture amply portrays the 1 in 50 gradient up Devonshire Bank and into the cutting leading to Maple Grove Bridge and Devonshire tunnel.

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LSWR 4 Wheel Coach Under Construction   Leave a comment

A picture of Alan W’s latest project.

This is a O gauge resin kit of an LSWR 4 wheel coach which will be painted in either dark or light olive to represent its use in the Maunsell period.

I am waiting for LSWR type buffers from Invertrains and they will be fitted along with the footboards, couplings and glazing.

If anyone has info on interior colours for the inside and seats please me let know.

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Alan W new layout Southall   Leave a comment

A few more shots of Southall in OO

1. Works Manager inspection.

2. Scenic Break looking towards Paddington.

3. Housing & signal box at Southall East.

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Bath Green Park September 2021 Video   Leave a comment

Its taken since mid August to put this video together and edit but finally here it is.

A broad selection of weekday and Summer Saturday workings from the 1957 timetable including the Pines Express. Freights both up and down the S&D and on the Mangotsfield line and some ‘on shed’ shots. Watch out for banking up the steep 1 in 50 through Lyncombe Vale with train engine 7F 53802 and banker 4F 44560. Both R/C battery operated and with sound.

I hope that you enjoy the latest video from BATH GREEN PARK

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Last date for a train ride Sunday 19th September 2-5pm. Again no tickets but donations welcome. Hears hoping rain will not stop play.   Leave a comment

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Train Rides return on Sunday 15/08/2021. 2-5pm. No tickets today but donations to cover costs welcome.   Leave a comment

Pictures of some of our club members who bring there own locomotives and receive no payment.

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Colins new at home layout 2   Leave a comment

Some of the engines for the MPD.

LNWR kit built locos including LNWR 0-4-2 Dock tank, LNWR 2-4-2  five foot six inch tank, LNWR 2-2-2 Cornwall, LNWR 4-6-2 Experiment, LNWR 4-6-2 Bowen-Cooke Large Tank class and a LNWR 0-8-0   G 2 class.

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Colins new at home layout   Leave a comment

Having taken over a bedroom for the project the turntable sheds and associated sidings are well under way.

I decided to build this OO gauge layout during the lockdown as I am now retired and thought it would be nice to display and run my kit built locomotives produced over the last 30 odd years. Hence I designed an MPD layout.They are mainly LNWR locos made from GEM kits and Models and Leisure, Premier kits. As you can see I still have a lot to do to the layout but have enjoyed what I have done so far.

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Big Boy Tender Sideplate Replacement   Leave a comment

Not being happy with the finish Alan decided to redo them, increasing the plate thickness from 1 to 1.5 mm.

The new tender side panels have taken a lot of time marking out, centre punching and drilling, then deburring the rivet holes. Riveting itself should take about another 17 hours.

Posted 15/06/2021 by keithspenceuk in Model Railway Club