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Colins new at home layout 2   Leave a comment

Some of the engines for the MPD.

LNWR kit built locos including LNWR 0-4-2 Dock tank, LNWR 2-4-2  five foot six inch tank, LNWR 2-2-2 Cornwall, LNWR 4-6-2 Experiment, LNWR 4-6-2 Bowen-Cooke Large Tank class and a LNWR 0-8-0   G 2 class.

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Colins new at home layout   Leave a comment

Having taken over a bedroom for the project the turntable sheds and associated sidings are well under way.

I decided to build this OO gauge layout during the lockdown as I am now retired and thought it would be nice to display and run my kit built locomotives produced over the last 30 odd years. Hence I designed an MPD layout.They are mainly LNWR locos made from GEM kits and Models and Leisure, Premier kits. As you can see I still have a lot to do to the layout but have enjoyed what I have done so far.

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Big Boy Tender Sideplate Replacement   Leave a comment

Not being happy with the finish Alan decided to redo them, increasing the plate thickness from 1 to 1.5 mm.

The new tender side panels have taken a lot of time marking out, centre punching and drilling, then deburring the rivet holes. Riveting itself should take about another 17 hours.

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Fiddle Yard Alterations   Leave a comment

Main line comes round from the ’hidden Junction’ where the S&D line and the Midland line from Bath Junction join and come in on the top right and splits into 6 through roads.

1 through road to access the LH fiddle yard roads rest for 3 expresses, a 7 coach pigeon special and an 18 van special.

Sidings 15 to 20 were 1 for 3 locos, remainder for 3 and 4 coach locals/semi fasts, 2 coach Bristol shuttle, WR rail car, Writhlington Colliery trip working of Jinty and mineral wagons

Main line and through roads all re group at the left at another double slip which leads through to the 2nd part of the fiddle yard on the left fanning out into 7 more sidings. The points for the left fiddle yard are operated on the one button push system.

5 roads for:  S&D line freight

                        Midsomer Norton mineral trains both fulls & empties

                        Midland line freight – Westerleigh trip workings, Gloucester, Birmingham

                        3 and 4 coach locals/semi fasts

3 roads for loco storage  

1 road leads to TT with 10 radiating loco roads.

For the most part I use road 3 on the left as the reception road and drive trains right through the complex to this road. The correct loco for the stocks next move in the timetable is brought onto the rear and then the whole lot driven into its appropriate storage road ready for its next timetabled trip.


On the right, roads 17, 18 & 19 are now over double the length and each capable of holding a 7 coach express + loco OR an 18/20 wagon freight + loco.

The 3 new roads 21, 22 & 23 will be

roads 21 & 22 for 4 locos each

and 23 for 3 and 4 coach locals/semi fasts.

Just wating for some more section switches with yellow caps to arrive and then a little tidying up of the control board.

The old main line through the central 6 through roads has been converted to one of the express storage roads and the main line is now the lower of the 6.

Hope this all makes sense!


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GREEN PARK TRAIN SHED update   Leave a comment

HI Guys well I’ve been a bit remiss and not kept up with Andrew’s further development work. It started with:

Something that has been in my mind for a while is additional loco storage in the fiddle yards. One possibility is adding a siding off the new express siding and running it back to join the outer siding at the far end.

Having gone through stages of development:

Andrews current thoughts:

Sidings all in and before spending what will be some time fitting point motors and wiring back to the control panel I’ve been doing some assessment of siding use. When you think that the original 3 sidings held a 3 coach train + loco. The Radstock empties and Jinty + WR railcar,  and 3 locos I’ve not just doubled the space available but tripled the storage space. So worth the effort.

You can see from todays photos that I’m just short on the longest 2 sidings for a 7 coach train + loco. The loco storage roads are really only suitable for 3 locos each not 4 as planned.

Slightly annoying having measured the space available. I am just a surveyor after all ………

I’ve reassessed the arrangement of the points and there is an option that gives me the extra space available and only having to widen the boards by 2 or 3” so minimal extra work.  

Means I comfortably get 4 locos in each on the loco storage roads and most importantly sidings 1 and 2 will then definitely hold 7 coaches + loco

I’ll sleep on this overnight but pretty much made my mind up that its worth the extra work.


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The Duchess Saga 2021/1   Leave a comment

Time to get on with the steam and exhaust connections to the steam chests. Exhaust first as its lowest. But with the engine having a double chimney not a single fixing the smokebox was the first task.

Having done that the blast nozzle position is identified(different from the drawing)

As you can see above running screws were used on the exhaust side but felt they would not be suitable for the high pressure side. Hence this below.

Another own design as I could not see the point in having a bottom connection for the oil which you could not get at. Pretty nerve racking silver soldering it without damaging the threads. But it worked.

Only to find the valve rods just fouled the outside piping so a little fettling required.

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Ray’s New Donkey Pump   1 comment

One of those projects you do to fend off coronavirus boredom.

The valve rod looks out of alignment as the screws on the valve body are not located.
Yes it was stopped and restarted.

Now to decide on what colour to paint it and fit it to the locomotive.

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Green Park Train Shed Update10   Leave a comment

HI Guys

A couple of pics taken over the last few days.


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Green Park Train Shed Update9   Leave a comment

HI Guys

Been working on the roof glazing. Thought this made an interesting shot.


Working on the 6 new Dapol Mk 1’s that arrived Thursday. 3 of the 6 Maroon Mk 1’s ordered and the 3 green SR Mk 1’s. Posted a report on the Guild Forum under RTR if you haven’t seen it already.

Coaches are very good and very fee running. I’ve been converting the Brake ends to single link coupling to make coupling up easier. Between the coaches they have KD type coupling which gives a very good close coupling which extends on curves.

At the moment I’ve worked the 3 maroon coaches in with my Westdale and Gresley coaches to form 2 express sets and the 3 SR Mk 1’s form a local/semi fast set.

7F 53805 (EX S&D 85) arriving with the northbound Cleethorpes express. A SR set and a Maroon set worked this express exchanging ‘ends’ each summer Saturday.


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The Duchess Saga 2020   Leave a comment

A year of lockdown and enumerable hours of fettling to get the valve motion built and I slowly seem to be getting somewhere.

New piston rings from ptfe.

Various bits of valve motion being machined.

What happens when your mill stem clamping bolt shears its threads.

But surprisingly the part was saved.

Set up in front dead centre the reversing link is held in a vertical position so that when the reverser is moved it imparts no movement to the valve.

Once is checked for the same in rear dead centre the length of the eccentric rod can be identified.

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