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WELCOME we are back open. Check out our Events page. Also have a look at what our members have been doing at home in the posts.

Our first train rides this year on Sunday 15/08/21.

Posted 20/12/2015 by keithspenceuk

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  1. Hello, I used to be a member of the club a few years ago but due to work and other issues, I stopped attending.
    When this virus clears up, would it be possible to come back?


    David Crawford
    • Hi David yes, just like the rest of us waiting for the opportunity. In the contact us section is our club secretaries email address. Drop him a line and he will advise as soon as the committee allow us to resume.

  2. Hello Hello!
    My names is Nicolas Bouilly, I practice the live steam model, I m the onwer of Berkshire 7”1/4, I project to build a C19 in few week, the boiler is under engineering.
    I contact your club because I have another project: I start to build a Big Boy in 7”1/4, I have the dranwing, the wheel casting and the boiler. Isaw on your site one of your members who have done a beautiful job on a same project and I would like to contact him to spoke about his job, can you put me in touch please?
    Nicolas Bouilly

  3. What days and times is the railway open

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