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Some views of the club. With Coronavirus limiting activities last year the only new images are of the London Exhibition at Alexander Palace in January 2020 and the posts to the left.

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Posted 20/12/2015 by keithspenceuk

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  1. Hello, I used to be a member of the club a few years ago but due to work and other issues, I stopped attending.
    When this virus clears up, would it be possible to come back?


    David Crawford
    • Hi David yes, just like the rest of us waiting for the opportunity. In the contact us section is our club secretaries email address. Drop him a line and he will advise as soon as the committee allow us to resume.

  2. Hello Hello!
    My names is Nicolas Bouilly, I practice the live steam model, I m the onwer of Berkshire 7”1/4, I project to build a C19 in few week, the boiler is under engineering.
    I contact your club because I have another project: I start to build a Big Boy in 7”1/4, I have the dranwing, the wheel casting and the boiler. Isaw on your site one of your members who have done a beautiful job on a same project and I would like to contact him to spoke about his job, can you put me in touch please?
    Nicolas Bouilly

  3. What days and times is the railway open

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