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Our Club Secretary    Alan Worthington can be contacted on 0208 574 0053.

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Posted 06/10/2017 by keithspenceuk

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  1. I have been really enjoying the YouTube videos on the private 7mm Bath Green Park model railway; I think owned by one of your members?
    I live in NZ, and through the videos and web sites I can’t seem to see any layout plan of this magnificent layout. Would such a plan exist and if so how can I view it. This out of interest only, not to copy or recreate.
    Regards Andy Ralph
    Tauranga New Zealand

    • Hi Andy
      I have a track plan which I’ll post here. It will take me a day or two so bear with me Andrew BATH GREEN PARK

  2. In your live steam section of photos of other clubs visited the first set is wrongly attributed to Rugby, it should be Derby, a great track to run on. Trust you all enjoyed running at our club at Cambridge on Sunday it was a pleasure seeing so many visiting 5″ locos to help shine up the 5″ rail.
    Kind regards

    Mike Chumbley
  3. Glad to see that the club is still going strong. I was a member from 1957 until 1965 , mainly OO stud contact but also worked a lot on the live steam. I can remember the ATM when it was all set up and can confirm that most of the initial discussions were in the pub over the road!

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