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Problem on our O gauge layout   Leave a comment

Whilst testing my Q1 & my 4 wheel coaches on the O gauge layout and Bob tried one

of his many locos, it was noticed that there was a problem with one of the points not operating

as it should. Investigations were instigated by Bob and it turned out that one of the point motors

was not changing the polarity via the attached micro switch. It was decided to try and get a new

motor. I got home straight on to Face book and launched an appeal for the type of motor required

on one of the model railway groups I am involved with and a chap named Robin McHugh offered

the club 3 of the desired point motors. The afore mentioned motors turned up on Thursday, and

Bob was duly informed.

Friday evening and work started on the replacing of the point motor. Bob sat under the layout while

I assisted by passing him what ever was needed to get the new motor fitted and working and when

fitted pulling the correct lever whilst Bob observed the motor operating. After a short while Bob

declared the motor fit for purpose, so a quick test with a loco was in order.

The loco crossed one point and stopped, Bob found the frog was not changing polarity so back under

the layout he went and glued a piece of plastic to the micro switch and re tested the crossover and

it worked. So the layout is now ready to run come next track night.


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LSWR 4 Wheel Coach Set Completed   2 comments

S R 4 Wheel Brake 3rd
S R 4 Wheel First
S R 4 Wheel Second

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Bath Green Park new Loco   Leave a comment

53802 puts in sterling service.
The battery capacity is really good and a full charge lasts for several sessions before a re charge is needed.
The sound is really impressive and Steve @ Fosworks set up the sound sync perfectly.
Very, very happy with this latest addition to the stud

We see 53802 coming in cautiously off the S&D direct into the Midland Bridge yard reception/shunting line with a full load.
It went out an hour ago with empties and is returning from Norton Hill colliery with fulls that will be tripped on to Portishead power station.

The picture amply portrays the 1 in 50 gradient up Devonshire Bank and into the cutting leading to Maple Grove Bridge and Devonshire tunnel.

Posted 20/10/2021 by keithspenceuk in Model Railway Club

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