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HI Guys well I’ve been a bit remiss and not kept up with Andrew’s further development work. It started with:

Something that has been in my mind for a while is additional loco storage in the fiddle yards. One possibility is adding a siding off the new express siding and running it back to join the outer siding at the far end.

Having gone through stages of development:

Andrews current thoughts:

Sidings all in and before spending what will be some time fitting point motors and wiring back to the control panel I’ve been doing some assessment of siding use. When you think that the original 3 sidings held a 3 coach train + loco. The Radstock empties and Jinty + WR railcar,  and 3 locos I’ve not just doubled the space available but tripled the storage space. So worth the effort.

You can see from todays photos that I’m just short on the longest 2 sidings for a 7 coach train + loco. The loco storage roads are really only suitable for 3 locos each not 4 as planned.

Slightly annoying having measured the space available. I am just a surveyor after all ………

I’ve reassessed the arrangement of the points and there is an option that gives me the extra space available and only having to widen the boards by 2 or 3” so minimal extra work.  

Means I comfortably get 4 locos in each on the loco storage roads and most importantly sidings 1 and 2 will then definitely hold 7 coaches + loco

I’ll sleep on this overnight but pretty much made my mind up that its worth the extra work.


Posted 15/04/2021 by keithspenceuk in Model Railway Club

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