The Duchess Saga 2021/1   Leave a comment

Time to get on with the steam and exhaust connections to the steam chests. Exhaust first as its lowest. But with the engine having a double chimney not a single fixing the smokebox was the first task.

Having done that the blast nozzle position is identified(different from the drawing)

As you can see above running screws were used on the exhaust side but felt they would not be suitable for the high pressure side. Hence this below.

Another own design as I could not see the point in having a bottom connection for the oil which you could not get at. Pretty nerve racking silver soldering it without damaging the threads. But it worked.

Only to find the valve rods just fouled the outside piping so a little fettling required.

Posted 08/04/2021 by keithspenceuk in Model Railway Club

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