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As I thought the front part of the train shed has gone together much more quickly than the rear as a lot of prep already done and probably less than half the size. Pillars in, Bow string girders in, side bow strings fitted, cross members fitted. Well as far as I can go I’ve run out of the under roof trusses and have ordered some more laser cut trusses.

Platform 2 looking in to the platform ends and, swinging the camera round, looking out passed the Bonded Store at the weekends new construction. I’ve camaflouged the track that cuts across the platforms. The roof is in place but not fitted until I have the extra roof trusses and the slate roof covering.  The bow string ‘X’ trusses are temporarily held in place with some of Hilarys hair clips –  dont tell her! Roof for the far side still a card former as yet to be cut, painted and fitted.

I’ve split the roof over P2 by inserting an acrylic panel to be able to look in and see when uncoupling a double headed express in P2 – hand has to go in through Bay 6. Not ideal but most expresses use P!

Waiting on an order of various ‘T’ bars to be able to go on and do the roof glazing panels. Ordering some more of the roof slate panels.

I had some serious concerns about painting the front screen and how to do it without getting paint all over the plastic panel that it’s all mounted on.

Had a lightbulb moment a couple of day ago and got hold of one of those tester pots of Matt Ivory emulsion. A perfect colour match and if I got any on the plastic panel could easily remove with a bit of plastic scraper. Perfect and painted it up whilst watching the rugby yesterday.

Going to have a bit of a think about the back scene. I used what I had to hand but I think I can do better. The gap in the roof to access and uncouple locos in P1 and P2 is now a lot smaller than first designed and I’m thinking about constructing a lift off fill in section to match.  

I’ve got a couple of pillars to realign but hopefully now within a couple of weeks or so of finishing this rather BIG job.

Posted 17/02/2021 by keithspenceuk in Model Railway Club

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