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Been working very hard on fitting the ‘X’ truss beams on top  of the bow string beams. Mounted all 6 large and small ‘X’ truss beams.

The glazing bars are made from ‘T’ section Plastruct. !.6mm for the longitudinals and 1.2mm for the actual glazing bars at 90’. Segments of 10” so just over 2 per roof run. 15mm apart and have a 10mm overhang in each case. One of those jobs that can be done in front of the TV making up the glazing bar segments!

At the moment the glazing bars are only occasionally tacked in place. I now have to glue all 200+ !!!!!!!

Am pleased with the overall results so far

One thing that I’m considering: in my period 1950’s/60’s a proportion of the glazing bars were missing. Removed I suppose due to rust, decay etc . Now do I do similar or ignore this for the overall look?

You can see the new 5th bow string has fitted in very well. I had to stop today as ran out of 1.2mm ‘T’ section Plastruct so ordered 5 more packs. That will finish off this end of the station all being well by/over the weekend and then next week make a start on the front.

Posted 11/02/2021 by keithspenceuk in Model Railway Club

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