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As construction of the train shed has progressed I have looked again at various aspects of the train shed design.
The TWO issues are: Combe Down tunnel track that cuts across the middle of the train shed AND access to uncouple locos at the platform ends.
The former – nothing to do there it is what it is
The later has developed further. Originally I thought of a lifting flap in the train shed roof but early on discarded this as the structure just will not be strong enough to take constant handling in such a way never mind the odd heavy hand!
So worked on leaving a gap in the roof for that ‘Hand of God’. After all, this whole area beyond the dividing track was going to be ‘off stage’ and so is a big bonus.
Now that construction has moved forward far enough I can see that I may not need to leave as large a gap as I had first thought.
I plan to add one more bow string as you can see in the photo below.
This has an added advantage that the 3 ‘X’ trusses on the far side of the roof can now run right across from front to rear sections and so amalgamate the whole visually.

The view internally of the extra bow string girder
Today I’ve started glueing the ‘X’ trusses in place on to the main bow string girders.

Both roofs are now painted on their undersides – sooty cream. For me its important that the model looks ‘Shabby Chic’. I’m trying to represent Bath Green Park in the 1950’s and 60’s when it was looking rather past its best.
The glazed roof on the left is, on the original, a solid pitched roof but I’ve made it glazed to allow more light through and allows a better view into the platforms as the main roofs do cover a large area of the platforms.

Posted 07/02/2021 by keithspenceuk in Model Railway Club

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