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I must be spending 4 or 5 hours a day on BGP train shed, well, I haven’t got anything else to do!

Big progress in the last week: I hope to finish the rear part of the train shed over the next 7 days and then be able to move onto the front and more visible part of  the train shed.

The pitched glazed roof on the side of platform 2 is almost complete – I ran out of 1.2mm ‘T’ bar strip to complete the glazing bars. You can see I’m only 3 sections short. Ordered and will finish that in the next couple of days. Issue – there is a lot of light reflection from the room window on this glazing and so I have experimented with a matt lacquer spray on a test piece of acrylic. Will reduce the light reflection but also the view down onto the platform. Going to wait on that decision until I have to fix the glazing in place.

You can see just how many truss beams I have cut, fettled and glued in place. 100’s already and more to finish this rear part of the train shed. One of the most difficult things is trying to line them all up. I only have a side view and even with my GoPro camera and the good old mirror trick it is still very difficult to align them all perfectly.

I’m pretty much ready to cut out the roof for both sides now. The black card will be used as formers to cut the 1mm birch ply

I’m doing a trial run with the ‘X’ trussing on top of the main bow string girders so only attached with Bluetac at the moment.

The  ground frame is ready for platform 2 crossover. This was worked by the loco fireman and used by trains terminating at Green Park to enable the loco to run round the stock either preparatory to returning to Bristol or to shunt the empty stock into one of the middle sidings. The G/F being released by Bath Station SB.

I’ve another one to make for the crossover at the end of platform 1 by the Avon river bridge.

Beyond the fenced area at the end of the platforms was a decent sized circulating area. Mine is about 10mm deep! But doesn’t show badly?

In this picture a lot of the trussing looks white. Its all cream. Funny how the light makes a difference.

Posted 01/02/2021 by keithspenceuk in Model Railway Club

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