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Hi Guys

Been hard at it over the weekend. More work on the front roof.

Attached ‘L’ beams to the base of the ‘X’ trusses ready for the glazing bars to rest on. Painted them all and glued in place after carefully measuring out (more than once!) to make sure that they are correctly spaced over the Bow string girders.

Spent I don’t know how many hours sticking 1.2mm ‘T’ bars to the plastic roof strips. All at 20mm centres and this afternoon glued these glazing strips to the ‘X’ trusses. So this side of the roof complete. Ordered more plastic roof panels and ‘T’ bars to be able to complete the far side and sections of the rear roof .

Finished the in-fill panel and the pitched roof. All parts pinned and glued to just one pillar and glued to the infill panel. Time will tell if it takes the use!

NOW YOU SEE IT                                                                                        NOW YOU DONT …….

Definitely worth the effort as add substance to the overall station and roof and fills that uncomfortable blank space on the left.

Ivatt 4MT 43012 has arrived in Platform 2 with a semi fast from Bournemouth West –  Bristol TM. Built in 1948 at Horwich Works (Better known as Mansell Street works Greenford!) and with double chimney and sent to Bath 29.1.1949.

The first 49 of the class of 162 were built as such but they very quickly showed poor steaming and after much testing on the Rugby Test Plant the drafting was sorted and the remaining 113 of the class were built new with single chimneys with the original 49 having their double chimneys changed to single on subsequent works visits.

43012 did not last long on the S&D finding the high rates of steaming on the long banks just too much in double chimney form and was re allocated to Bristol Barrow Road 22A in 1950. Moving on to Saltley Shed 21A and then off to the Midlands for a while before returning to Saltley shed in 1960 for 2 years and put in more appearances at Bath Green Park on workings from Birmingham.

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