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Yesterday and today amongst other things finished making the Trussing with Ogee guttering attached that fits along the outside of the side bowstrings on platform 2

About 3’ of it. A bit repetitive! I did the same (without the Ogee guttering) earlier in the week to fit along the top of the wall backing Platform 1 and to which the side bowstrings fit

Regarding disguising the track that crosses the platforms. A single colour is always going to stand out so needs camouflage and I thought about the old train shed picture that has held sway for the last 15 years. Photo copied the centre sections in B&W, darkened them right down and here is the result as fitted to the right hand side. I’ll fit the rest and leave it up for the moment. The other idea is a picture of the station building again in B&W and darkened right down. I’ve only attached it with Prit Stick so easy enough to remove. Once I’ve got far enough to cut out the roof sections and temporarily fit them it will become obvious what is right.

I have the final 5 side bowstrings to make now but waiting on more Plastruct to arrive next week so over the weekend I have those small adjustments to make to the bowstring that is fitted to the station building. Once I have adjusted the width between these two pillars so that it matches all the others I’m then ready to fit this and glue in the pillars on Platform 1 

Posted 16/01/2021 by keithspenceuk in Model Railway Club

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