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Everyday a lot of detailed work goes on.

I’ve now finished the back wall behind platform 1 and today I glued it in place on the platform. I’ve glued some of the side bowstrings to their pillars. Before I do all the others down Platform 1 I have an adjustment to make to the station building backscene. As mentioned previously I glued the first bow string to this backscene. Measured it all out but somehow the pillars sit 15mm further apart than the others so before this backscene is fixed in place I’ve have to adjust this. Don’t think this will be an issue and those pillars have to be in line.

Once this is done I’ll then glue all the pillars down that far side on P1. Having got those upright and straight I can then glue the pillars in on P2. So the next few days going to be fairly critical.

One of the other jobs started today is painting that front bowstring – the one mounted on Perspex. I started with painting the pillar bases brown. Used masking tape for a clean crisp finish and to test how I’m going to paint this front bow string.

Not great. Paint leaching up under the masking tape – see picture. I used green decorators masking tape! All the others I did free hand and are ok ……… but don’t see myself painting all the beams etc on the front screen free hand. Envisage paint everywhere!

I’ve now got 36 pillars placed. Low down shots on the GoPro really beginning to look good

Posted 13/01/2021 by keithspenceuk in Model Railway Club

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