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HI Guys

Been working on the roof glazing. Thought this made an interesting shot.


Working on the 6 new Dapol Mk 1’s that arrived Thursday. 3 of the 6 Maroon Mk 1’s ordered and the 3 green SR Mk 1’s. Posted a report on the Guild Forum under RTR if you haven’t seen it already.

Coaches are very good and very fee running. I’ve been converting the Brake ends to single link coupling to make coupling up easier. Between the coaches they have KD type coupling which gives a very good close coupling which extends on curves.

At the moment I’ve worked the 3 maroon coaches in with my Westdale and Gresley coaches to form 2 express sets and the 3 SR Mk 1’s form a local/semi fast set.

7F 53805 (EX S&D 85) arriving with the northbound Cleethorpes express. A SR set and a Maroon set worked this express exchanging ‘ends’ each summer Saturday.


Posted 24/03/2021 by keithspenceuk in Model Railway Club

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