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Recently the group sadly lost one of its members, Tomos hollyer.
Our deepest sympathies go to his family and friends.
 As regards to the 00 layout. We have recently finished the parcels depot area on the main station. We also  incorporated  a milk depot siding, naming it Thompsons Dairies. (see below)
Considerations are ongoing with regard to future developments.
The three are:
1) Top station rerouting of the branch line to go round the loco depot, building a new loco depot and  repositioning the turntable.
Also repointing the entrance to top station platforms thus simplifying the track work and removing a troublesome crossover.
2) Replace the majority of code 70 with code 100 on the continuous run and gradient to the top station. This also includes removing the troublesome hidden sidings underneath the top station .
3)  Make the branch switchable to dcc operation.  Giving members who have dcc loco’s a chance to run them. This would also give the section a chance to look at the feasability of dcc for the future.
Regards Paul turner
07032019 oogauge

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